9 April 2014

Birds of Ill

They’ll follow any being carried away by
the winds of tumult, these ominous things
that hang in flight till a creature dies
at length.

And is it in the life of us
to turn against these pinions of demise?
Renegades born under a dying day
they’ll follow any being
across the landscape of survival.

But we are all children under this house,
different organs to the same spirit;
pressed against the wall and menaced
by the shadow of wingspans, is it in the life of us
to withstand?

Gnarled under hunger, demented eyes holes,
they have put that lading upon our souls.

4 April 2014

Sesotho film wins award

Carlos Carvalho, director of photography for The Forgotten Kingdom, the first feature film produced in Lesotho, has won the Haskell Wexler Award for Best Cinematography at the 14th annual Woodstock Film Festival Maverick Awards Gala held in New York. The annual gala celebrates exceptional independent film.

Sesotho film wins award
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3 April 2014

Happy birthday, Marvin Gaye!

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye was born on 2 April 1939. Happy Birthday to him.

© and photo credit: http://photo.sing365.com

Stephen calls him a silky soul singer, which I think is a darn good description. He was born Marvin Pentz Gay, but stuck an "E" to his surname to avoid misunderstandings. Remember I heard it through the grapevine? He followed that up with a string of successes like You're all I need to get by in 1968 with Tammy Terrell, What's going on? in 1971, Let's get it on in 1973:
"Let's Get It On" is a 1973 number-one single recorded by American soul singer Marvin Gaye for the Tamla (Motown) label. The title song of the album release of the same title, "Let's Get It On" held the number-one position on the Billboard Pop Singles chart for two non-consecutive weeks in September 1973. In its first time at number one, it replaced "Brother Louie" by Stories, and was replaced by "Delta Dawn" by Helen Reddy; it then replaced "Delta Dawn" and was finally replaced by "We're an American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad. Written by Marvin Gaye and Ed Townsend, and produced by Gaye, it was the most successful single ever released on a Motown label.
After several other hits like Got to give it up, a funky dance groove, and Sexual healing, perhaps his most famous hit (partly for being the most recent in memory), Marvin descended into drugs and booze, and fears that someone was out to kill him. In 1983 he did a version of the Star-spangled banner, the American national anthem. He finally moved in with his parents and was shot dead by his preacher father on 1 April 1984, a day before his 45th birthday. He is sorely missed. Most of this information and more can be found on Wikipedia.



2 April 2014

Thomas Thistlewood and Tom

Shit in my mouth. He makes my woman put
her bottom in my face and push her doo-
doo in between my lips. When she stops he
says, “More! You black bitch, more! Shove it out till
it bung a clog inside his throat or I
will strip your back until it makes
a bleeding pair with his.” I watch her ass:
shit flecks clung to the petals in that tight
chrysanthemum come to my mouth again.
I tell myself: “So many days I dig the soft
ground of her front, water it, plant my seed.
Watch it breed in her belly. If one day
I have to eat the stinking fruit it voids to live,
see my mouth here. Come. Fill it with her excrement.”

My name is Tom. It is this fiend’s as well.
He is no person, nor no man, nor common visitor
from hell. When evil folded tight inside
its shell so that sky waters would not wash
it clean, and hid, and aged, fermenting, made
a beard, a mouth, and hands and feet and spleen,
the need to work woe on a human being,
it was hatching this snake. He sleeps
to dream the vilest cruelty and wakes
to undertake it. Devilry is his invention.
I cannot fight rapine and pillage, violence
past thought, hate simmered to its essence. I
can love even to eating my love’s shit.
No yellowbelly demon unmans me. Watch me do it.
~Pamela Mordecai

The poet at Canopic Jar: http://canopicjar.com/featured-voices/pam-mordecai