10 December 2009

Ruth Padel gives interview

Ruth Padel sat down for an interview with Aida Edemariam of The Guardian, her first since she resigned her post as Oxford Professor of Poetry after it was revealed that she had alerted the media to allegations of sexual harassment against her main rival, St Lucian poet Derek Walcott. Here are some excerpts, with the link to the entire interview below:

More revealing is the way she describes suggestions, a year ago, that she be considered for the post of poet laureate. (“I would like to start a steady, syncopated drumbeat for Ruth Padel as the next laureate,” wrote Bel Mooney in a letter to the Observer, describing Padel’s achievements, then, betraying the embattled elitism of a small world, “she would bring vivacity to the ancient honour, as well as being tough-minded enough to withstand the philistines.”)
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