8 September 2010

The Profile on the Pillow, by Dudley Randall

After our fierce loving
in the brief time we found to be together,
you lay in the half light
exhausted, rich,
with your face turned sideways on the pillow
and I traced the exquisite
line of your profile, dark against the white,

delicate and lovely as a child's.
Perhaps you will cease to love me
or we may be consumed in the holocaust,

but I keep, against the ice and the fire,
the memory of your profile on the pillow.

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Dudley Randall


maryt said...

Rethabile, thanks for visiting my poetry blog, mypoetry.wordpress.com

Love Dudley Randall's poem! Thanks for posting.

Rethabile said...

Thanks be to Dudley for this awesome piece of work.

Lyrically speaking said...

"with your face turned sideways on the pillow
and I traced the exquisite
line of your profile, dark against the white"
You've expressed this so beautifully, love it!!

Jo said...

Yes, this is sublime.

paisley said...

the aching of having nothing left but the remembrance of his profile... i feel it daily,, and wish solemnly that i could wash it away at times....

this was written with the heart.. very beautiful....

thank you for brining it to my attention....

Anonymous said...

Simplicity creates elegance, she is in silhouette and then she is a trace on the pillow. Very beautiful and elegant and tender poem.

Greyscale Territory said...

What poetic, stark, poignant beauty.


susan said...

Oh, I know this poem. It is published in an anthology I own, Abandon Automobile, Detroit City Poets, 2000. I read it the first time during a course I took. We also had a chance to talk with Melba Joyce Boyd, assistant and long-time friend of Mr. Randall. Because of Randall many established poets today got their start. Do you know the history of Broadside Press?

A real joy to read this again. Thank you.

marimekko pillows said...

Nice. Very nice. I really love poems that touches the heart. Very artistic. Love it!

Rethabile said...

Check this out: Roses and Revolutions

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