29 December 2012

The Meaningful Experience

Marge Piercy

The man talks
the woman listens.

The man is a teapot
with a dark green brew
of troubles.
He pours into the woman.
She carries his sorrows away
sloshing in her belly.

The man swings off lighter.
Sympathy quickens him.
He watches women pass.
He whistles.

The woman lumbers away.
Inside his troubles are
snaking up through her throat.
Her body curls delicately
about them, worrying, nudging
them into some new meaningful shape
squatting now at the center of her life.

How much lighter I feel,
the man says, ready
for business.
How heavy I feel, the woman
says: this must be love.

~Marge Piercy


patteran said...

'A hit, a palpable hit'! There is so much material accessible to fine female poets that is denied to we men, n'est ce pas?

Rethabile said...

C'est vrai.