1 April 2018

Twenty-five poems to read again and again

  1. Dark August, by Derek Walcott
  2. The Amen Stone, by Yehuda Amichai
  3. Not my Business, by Niyi Osundare
  4. Stars of Stone, by Rustum Kozain
  5. Roses and Revolutions, by Dudley Randall
  6. Confession, by Geoffrey Philp
  7. Feeling Fucked Up, by Etheridge Knight
  8. Blood, by Naomi Shihab Nye
  9. After Midnight, by Louis Simpson
  10. Telephone Conversation, by Wole Soyinka
  11. Woman, by Nikki Giovanni
  12. Adolescence II, by Rita Dove
  13. Come, by Makhosazana Xaba
  14. Silet, by Ezra Pound
  15. Seeing the Eclipse in Maine, by Robert Bly
  16. Kingdom of Rain II, by Rustum Kozain
  17. Those Winter Sundays, by Robert Hayden
  18. Digging, by Seamus Heaney
  19. Horns, by Kwame Dawes
  20. The Schooner Flight, by Derek Walcott
  21. Evening Hawk, Robert Penn Warren
  22. Sunflowers, by Pamela Mordecai
  23. Like Rousseau, by Amiri Baraka
  24. Epitaph, by Dennis Scott
  25. You, Therefore, by Reginald Shepherd

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