16 April 2013

Tuesday Poem: "Gulf Man"

Old Gulf man
made of stone,
from the waist where
a gun hangs, to the top
of a scalped head—
sand is after you,
man, dunes shifting
up your goddess
to possess her, her
torch and tabula
ansata, her dress's
true origins. Hands
ply the strings of
your fat heart, un-
moved like ghosts.
As many as twenty
home-made bombs
in Baghdad yester-
day alone. So much
sand is in your heart
that the end is near,
as it watches the eye
of doom leading us
from where men once
were water-boarded.
~for D.C. (16 April 2013)

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Zim said...

If I read it well, it is poem about USA, but understood as country which is the center of wars. Greetings from Poland.

Rethabile said...

Yes, you did

Oladokun olawale said...

ccreates an imagery of chaos, unrest and upheavals