27 May 2018

Emile Griffith

"I like men and women both. But I don't like that word: homosexual, gay or faggot. I don't know what I am. I love men and women the same, but if you ask me which is better ... I like women. I keep thinking how strange it is ... I kill a man and most people understand and forgive me. However, I love a man, and to so many people this is an unforgivable sin; this makes me an evil person. So, even though I never went to jail, I have been in prison almost all my life."
Emile Alphonse Griffith

Emile destroying Paret, after the latter had taunted his sexual orientation.

From 'The Guardian': The night boxer Emile Griffith answered gay taunts with punches

Emile Griffith


Anonymous said...

Today's quote is by Gwendolyn Brooks -- and Illinois poet laureate. Nancy P., Chicago :)

Gel said...

Many relate to his "I've been in prison all my life." When you visit my blog next, please look at the "Straight for Equality" badge I put in my sidebar on the left. (I wasn't able to make the html to link to the site, but it's on Google.)

cordieb said...

Very powerful quote. Thanks for sharing!

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