23 May 2018

Poem with a phrase by Bukowski

Cells along my gullet dance to James Brown,
gulp the whisky I pour on them and fornicate.
They’ve grown angrier with me over the weeks.

And though I resist, they know my life is
done. I’m bound by a power they have over me,
it is their secret, the one ace up their sleeve.

I get upset with them sometimes, and go:
"I know you’re in there". But they crank up
their R&B and fornicate even more, though

they are my cells and I am their kingdom.
I live in spaces they fail to occupy. Needless
to say, I’m also their tomb, poised at the edge
of a life where time emerges and then dies.

—Rethabile Masilo


Kitty Chrystal said...

Oooo love this xxx ‘they are my cells and I am their kingdom’ is spooky good. The relationships we have with our physical bodies are so complex. <3

Rethabile said...

Thank you, Kitty. I appreciate that.

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