2 June 2018

Jumoke Verissimo's book, "I Am Memory"

Jumoke Verissimo's I Am Memory, a collection of poems on the import of not forgetting the past and of moving ahead, is scheduled to come out in November this year.  Her work has appeared in several online journals, including our own, dear Canopic Jar.

I've had the priviledge of having a quick look at the poems due to appear in the book, and she again surprised me with the style, which resembles her and few others, and lies between narration and song. 

Thanks, Jumoke, and bravo.

Jumoke Verissimo


Jo said...

conscience pricking vulvas into piles of mangrove guilt

wheeeeeew. Fantastic. Thanks for the heads-up, love her style. (Coming here is bad for me, I end up adding stuff every day to my wishy list :) )

Rethabile said...

Fantastico, yes. That's Jumoke.

Itsme! said...

Well, I was @Writers' Anonymous and she did a rendition of 'Ajani' from the yet-to-be-published book. It was so dramatic, romantic and the imagery hit me like a double-fisted blow. I am a Jumoke fan for life!

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