13 June 2018

Jurassic memories, a poem by Anonymous

Jurassic memories found in an archeological dig
I dug you up I dug you up
I found a fracture of a jaw bone, the very keystone to the past
and the future, I dug you up
The clouds that cleared to show the moon looked like Africa
the stars behind it represented all the capitol cities
I’m pretty sure Lesotho shined brightest.
Why wouldn’t it? It’s wrapped up so securely.
Surrounded by it’s mother’s love
Lesotho, my love, come nestle for a while
Mother Africa will love you and dig you up.

© http://liarliarlies.livejournal.com/33255.html

The above link is where I originally got this poem. I don't know who wrote it. I wish I did. Please let me know who did, if you happen to know, so that I may credit the poet and beg them to let me keep it up, posted, here on Poéfrika.

Lesothosaurus footprints

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