29 July 2018

Drowning, a poem by Tsebo Makakole

Scared and frustrated,
Ke tšohile batsoali,
What are they going to say,
When I tell them?
My wallet all wet,
Containing my money
And my bank account cards.

My Canon camera’s
Lens is blurry,
My Motorola leaking ink
From the inside.
Ke tlo kopa thuso joang,
Coz I am drowning
Like a dying cat.

My lip balm filled with water
And my smart watch not working,
Manaka a eona a eme tsi!
Joalo ka pelo e sa pompeng mali.
Metsi. Metsi. Metsi.

When I thought of my drawings,
I wanted to cry,
Coz those were the best
Pictures I had.
Ha ke nahana ho qala qalong
Mosebetsi o tloba mongata.
Then I cried joalo ka lesea
Straight after birth.


Tsebo Makakole is a 17-year-old high-school student from Morija, Lesotho. He enjoys photography, filmmaking, hip-hop, soccer and writing poems and stories. He plans to pursue these interests and to become a professional, multi-disciplinary artist.

Tsebo Makakole

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