30 November 2018

Baratuoa, a poem by Rethabile Masilo

They climb mountains and hills
creating poems for each other,
till at the top they are amplified
into the focus of what they are.

Time watches them, and makes
each verse concentrate the light
from stars into a constellation
away from the chaos in the sky.

1 comment:

robkistner said...

Rethabile - hello, it's been a long time since I've read your words, but what a treat to find this poem," Baratuoa". "...amplified into the focus of what they are", I like that. I hope you continue to be focused into what you are, because I remember enjoying you for whst you are! This is Rob Kistner from back in the days of RWP. I went through some years of hellish health, but I now have a Pacemaker so the past year I have begun writing poetry agsin, after about a 5 year period of writing very little.
Do you still publish Poéfrika? My poetry site is still Image & Verse, though it is updated now. Come visit me. The I&V adress follows here:

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