28 November 2018

Their behaviour, a poem by Dennis Brutus

Their guilt
is not so very different from ours:
—who has not joyed in the arbitrary exercise of
or grasped for himself what might have been
and who has not used superior force in the
moment when he could,
(and who of us has not been tempted to these
so, in their guilt,
the bare ferocity of teeth,
chest-thumping challenge and defiance,
the deafening clamor of their prayers
to a deity made in the image of their prejudice
which drowns the voice of conscience,
is mirrored our predicament
but on a social, massive, organized scale
which magnifies enormously
as the private dehabille of love
becomes obscene in orgies.

Some Dennis links:
1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Brutus
2. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/03/world/africa/03brutus.html?_r=0

Dennis Brutus


Anonymous said...

What a finale, this sizzles.

Anonymous said...

Brings a searing visual of the turmoil of Kenya.



paisley said...

wow.. that was intense... i love the way you voice social issues thru the selected poem... you must really do your research!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very powerful.
The poems you choose are always ones that cause deep thought.

I have a new acquaintance in my real life book group who is a delightful, educated, and fascinating woman who happens to be from South Africa. I hope to remember to ask her if she is familiar with this poet at our February meeting. She has taught our group so much about South Africa. None of the rest of us are from that part of the world.

ZZZZZZZ said...

I love reading the poetry on this blog, always! Such deep thought in every one.

Anonymous said...

You really have the knack to select the best.

Anonymous said...

I remember Dennis Brutus from early involvement in the Anti-Apartheid Movement back in the '60s. His poems - many published in Peace News - were inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, sorry..! Comments playing silly buggers.

Dick (Patteran Pages)

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