8 June 2019

Reasons for killing a child in his sleep, by Rethabile Masilo

after Chris van Wyk

It was dark, and the gun was distracted.
The distracted gun was dark. And it was
The gun, it was distracted and was dark,

Therefore I couldn’t see straight enough.
Enough, therefore! I couldn’t see straight.
Couldn’t I therefore see straight enough?

Someone else was meant for that death,
For death meant someone was that else,
Else that death was meant for someone.

His mama used him as a human shield,
A shield used him as his human. Mama
Used a shield, his mama, human as him.

Struggles among men are blind and cruel,
And among men cruel struggles are blind,
Cruel men are blind and among struggles.

I did not mean to kill him, your honour.
Did I not, your honour, kill to mean him?
Not your kill, I did mean to honour him.

Letter to country
Canopic Publishing, 2016

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