10 February 2020

Crowd gathered, salivating for a taste of blood, by Sihle Ntuli

as a pain
shared between men,

it has been said
time and time again,
to be a man
one must save face
at all times,

it was pain
that drove defence
against a loss of power,

to think how clenched fist
was once a symbol of power
down the road
to grievous bodily harm,

now a symbol
of how man will hold onto the pain
never letting go.

Sihle Ntuli (@sihlexntuli) is a 29-year-old South African writer based in Durban. He holds an M.A degree in Classical Civilizations from Rhodes University in Makhanda, He is an award-winning lecturer of the Classics having received the 2019 CTL Innovation Award for Curriculum Design and Delivery. He has had work published in New Contrast, Agbowo II: Limits Issue & Brittle Paper presents 20:35 Africa Volume II. His chapbook collection Rumblin’ is due to be released by uHlanga Press in the third quarter of 2020.

Sihle Ntuli

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