14 December 2018

Breakthrough, a poem by Carolyn Rodgers

I've had tangled feelings lately
About ev'rything
Bout writing poetry, and otha forms
Bout talkin and dreamin with a
Special man (who says he needs me)
Uh huh
And my mouth has been open
Most of the time but
I ain't been saying nothin but
Thinking about ev'rything
And the partial pain has been
How do I put my self on paper
The way I want to be or am and be
Not like any one else in this
Black world but me

Carolyn Rodgers

11 December 2018

Tšoanyane & Molefi, a poem by Rethabile Masilo

Our father's father owned a rifle whose mouth
could spit out, bark, and thunder its opinion,
so he became the first wick of our outburst,
made us emerge from rubble onto war-field.

Long after his death we celebrated victory,
imagining him roam around ancestral homes
on a mountain horse, as our mother's father
prepared to build us a house when the spouse

of his daughter was in detention. Out of a hill
that man beat submission, broke its boulders
into bricks and built a stone house in Qoaling,
a place hidden from anger, a shrine to triumph.

Then he carried every one of us on his shoulders
taught us to fight during daytime and sleep at night,
with nothing, without any indiscreet sound around,
had it not been for the automatic trill one night,

when weapons held by black national soldiers
found targets on that night of cold blood. Our
mother still observes her grandchildren through
the glossy covering that sleeps on her grey eyes.

Molefi Mohajana

30 November 2018

Baratuoa, a poem by Rethabile Masilo

They climb mountains and hills
creating poems for each other,
till at the top they are amplified
into the focus of what they are.

Time watches them, and makes
each verse concentrate the light
from stars into a constellation
away from the chaos in the sky.

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