Submit to Poéfrika: Although this blog says it is dedicated to African and Afro-centric poetry, and it is true, don't listen to it. If a poem is neither African nor Afro-centric but is about life, love, friendship, the struggle, human attributes, about a pencil or a sock, then the only determining factor will be how well the poem puts its point across.

I would like to encourage Africans of all shades and colours, anyone who has a reason to call themselves an African, to submit. The diaspora (our permanent expatriates). The young, a lot of whom I meet every time I go home and get burned by their efforts which find no outlets. This medium is for them, too. The same criteria apply to all submissions.

+ Please send your submission(s) to: retjoun, (it's a gmail dot com account)
+ Send three to five poems in Word® or PDF® format.
+ In the subject line please use: "Your full name / n° of poems / dd-mm-yyyy"
+ Give us a few weeks to consider your work before we can respond.
+ For young poets from southern Africa, we may ask if we can enter into a dialogue with the poet.
+ Send work in English, French, Sesotho or Setswana.

Submit elsewhere: That said, here are other places where you may submit your work (almost all of them have nothing to do with Poéfrika). This is a growing list, so please do suggest other outlets for poetry that may be added to it.

In Africa
+ Africa Poetry Magazine (
+ A.L.M. (
+ Aerodrome (
+ African Poetry Book Fund (
+ African Writer (
+ Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation (
+ Badilisha (
+ Bakwa Magazine (
+ Brunel International African Poetry Prize (
+ Enkare (
+ New Coin (
+ New Contrast (
+ Pambazuka (
+ Prufrock (
+ Stanzas (
+ The Kalahari Review (
+ The Johannesburg Review of Books (
+ Type/Cast (
+ Brittle Paper (

Outside Africa
+ 32 Poems (
+ Able Muse (
+ Asymptote (
+ Canopic Jar (
+ Cave Canem (
+ Connotation (
+ Kettle Blue Review (
+ Maple Tree Literary Supplement (
+ The Opiate (
+ Poetry London (
+ Tears in the Fence (
+ Those That This (
+ Prairie Schooner Book Prize (

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