5 April 2010

The cross, a poem by Felix Morisseau-Leroy

This is how it happened
Jesus Christ had to die
No matter what
He just had to die
Pontius Pilate kept saying: no
Caiaphas pressured him so much
That the man Jesus was condemned
Since he had not eaten for two days
He was overcome by weakness
Walking up Mount Olive
With two pieces of wood on his back
He kept falling down and getting up
Pilate was watching him with pity
All the Roman soldiers were watching too
When at that time a Black man happened to pass
Simon the Cyrene
A big Black man
As big as Paul Robeson
Happened to pass
He looked at the scene through the eyes of a Black man
Pilate felt what was in that Black man’s heart
And signaled the soldiers
They all fell upon Simon
And mercilessly beat him
Then they ordered him: take up the cross and carry it
Simon picked it up with one hand
He took it from the white man
He ran with it
He started to sing
He began to dance
He danced and sang
He ran up the hill
Leaving everyone behind
He ran down the hill, he sang, danced and danced
He made the cross turn on his head
He threw the cross in the air
The cross stayed in the air and whirled by itself
Everybody yelled: Miracle
The cross came back down
And Simon caught it
He danced his head out
Giving it back to Jesus
Since that time, whenever a cross is too heavy
A burden too great for the white man
They call a black man to carry it
And then we sing and dance
We beat the drum and play the flute
Our backs are strong
We take the cross and carry
Take and carry the sins and crimes of the world.

+ This poem was translated by Marie-Marcelle B Racine
+ Who Felix Morisseau-Leroy was: https://goo.gl/BF41kY
+ More of his poems: https://goo.gl/Sw96EG

Felix Morisseau-Leroy

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