2 August 2018

Mosia Motobatsi, a song by Nthakoana Ngatane

1—Who do you sing for (or to)?
I have never thought about this but now that you ask, I think I sing to Africa first, to awaken her pride, tell her stories, her history, tribulations, triumphs... and then to the world to showcase and celebrate that uniqueness and pride.

2—How do you manage time between what I suspect is your first love, singing, and your other love, journalism?
Very poorly for now and that makes me very sad. I yearn to find more time to sing, and I hope I can find a way to make it feasible soon.

3—Why, with respect to the question above, did you choose to follow one path fully and not the other?
Economic reasons, it is very difficult to make a living as a full time singer in Lesotho, but now that I am in South Africa I hope to change that to at least find a balance. But if there are other opportunities in other places I will gladly take them.

4—When was the last time you sang in public? What was the occasion?
It was on 24 December 2016, at the Tourism Jazz Festival in Lesotho.

5—What genre of music do you listen to more often than others?
Afro Soul—Jazz, jazz and jazz.

Nthakoana says: "Basia (singular Mosia) is a clan of the Basotho known for their prowess in fighting with spears. Although we venerate the cat, our praise songs liken us to the porcupine..., or noko is Sesotho (tobatsi in praise). Ke Mosia Mo-tobatsi!"

Nthakoana Ngatane is a Communications Consultant, Broadcast Journalist, Producer and Singer. She has held positions including Public Relations Officer, Senior Marketing Officer for Vodacom and Marketing Manager for Standard Lesotho Bank. Currently a Foreign Correspondent for SABC since 2007, she has a wealth of knowledge on the business and political landscape.

Her networking experience and knack for liaising with communities at all levels provide support for internal and external stakeholder relations to maximise goodwill. Nthakoana has developed skills in designing corporate positioning and messaging to ensure that communication is both relevant and effective. Her experience makes her a sought after Programme Director for Corporate and personal events.

Among legendary people who have found it fitting to share beside her, work with her and use her work are: Guyana born and London-based Flautist Keith Whaite; Father of Theatre Jerry Mofokeng who featured Nthakoana's composition—Ngaka Bolela—in his Production called Mantsopa; The Village Pope—Tšepo Tšola—has featured her many times; and the The Cecile Verny Quartet on their tour of Maseru.

More music: https://www.reverbnation.com/nthakoana
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/nthakoana

Nthakoana Ngatane

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