26 August 2019

The encounter, a poem by Rethabile Masilo

Head-lit at the crossroad of some kingdom,
a fox stopped to grant us way.
Out of courtesy to life in his realm we passed,
leaving him there with his honour.
In the rear-view mirror he crossed
behind our cars—else we thought he did—
trailing the bush of his tail with garnet fur
in our taillight before there was nothing but us,
the constant hiss of persistent rain,
and the weight of being watched
as if someone were staring from behind curtains.
The cars pushed ahead and the rest was quiet.
At the farm again, we spoke about what foxes
transport in their hearts—questions about us
which need to be satisfied, the need to know
how it makes us feel to share, from sunrise
to twilight, the realm of their sanctified woods.
Water leaked through the holocaust of a world
as we touched the sleep of minds seeking answers,
without ever knowing what act makes their eyes.

Pouvrai, 1 March 2015

The farm house

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